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Colours dancing at the poles, millions of people united in the cold to watch the eternal spectacle of ancestral light
A hatchling emerges from the cage that had held it prisoner, and it opens its wide eyes and takes in the sight of
A brave new world where the rainbows after the rain hold the sky in their thrall, where the old oak trees stand tall
And the smiles that people give each other are genuine promises of better beginnings where past mistakes won’t be
Repeated again and again

Do you see the sunset girl? She dances at
The roof of the world
Her head’s a maze and a starlit haze but her thoughts go on
And when the last splash of light fades to grey,
She flies to the stars and waits
For the next day to come.

As the frost melts away under the warm light of the sun, the tigerlily prowls on the pond, opening up its petals to the
Sky and beyond. The ghost of the moon, ever watching from the shadow of the stars, sees the new life that grows
With every passing spring, that erupts from the heartless dirt like a green volcano, spewing leaves of emerald that
Gleam like the precious jewels on the proud women’s fingers in their white dresses and long tailored tresses, see
Now here comes the bride.

Soft, clear water gurgles over black rock, smoothing the rough edges through its gentle power at the speed of time.
People climb the snow-capped mountains and yell out and listen to the echoes, and then they wonder if this is what
A god feels like. Little mice scurry through the fields of wheat, storing their supplies for the harder days to come,
While the farmers above scratch their heads and wonder, ‘Where the hell did the fertilizer go?’ and nature answers
With the clicking of crickets to fill the awkward silence.

A city of dreams rises by the power of thought into the starstruck sky, a beautiful place where nobody needs to lie,
And the people in the hospital beds fly on wings made of hope until they rise up so high that the cords holding them
In place break into a thousand pieces and they can run again. They dance with the fireflies while the earth turns
But time doesn’t pass in paradise, and there’s no need to throw the dice, because its probable that probability here
Doesn’t actually work.

Coloured streamers flicker on the storm winds while the thunder rumbles up ahead, but the children head out and
Start to dance in the rain, listening to a magical beat that starts in their feet and makes its way up to their brains,
And the adults smile at their antics and clap along in time to the banjo that sings out a joyous tune using a throat of strings and fingers, but secretly the grownups know that once you hear the music you will never be the same again.
And then the rain starts to fall.

In the silence of the forest, you can hear the not-sound, the void where the noise should be, and then the other din
Starts to become apparent as the birds chime in, singing sweet melodies on repeat, answering only to the call of the Wilderness that blesses every tree and stick and branch to live a life eternal in some form or another. Far away from
The blaring of tooting horns and the bright sight of traffic lights, the world continues to revolve and evolve, and it
Stands and waits for time to pass.

From the desert heat to the city streets, from the icy poles and their unending cold to the badgers that live in their
Dens and their holes, to the rain that falls on the hallowed halls of the oaks and ashes that stand proud and tall –
Can you see the beauty of the world you live in? Dry creek beds that become swollen with rain, dead ground that blooms and comes green again, kites that fly in a sky dotted with dreams, and it seems that you get to sleep in
Because your alarm has failed to go off again.

Do you see the sunset girl? She dances at
The roof of the world
At the edge of the dark and the edge of the day, forever
And ever
And when the blanket of stars recedes to the unyielding tide of time,
Remember that here flies the sunset girl
Forever dancing with the auroral lights at the roof of the world.
This poem was partially inspired by snowmarite's 'Sunset girl', which can be found here: [link]

I was thinking about how my poems are all so morbid - apocalypses and graves and depressing nine to five lives - so I thought that I'd make something a little more positive.

Basically, this poem is marvelling at the beauty of the world that we live in.
And I like auroras... they're pretty :)
I'm pretty sure that auroral isn't a word, so I'm just going to pull a Shakespeare and make it one.


snowmarite Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It' so beautiful and inspiring, and the last paragraph is magnificent.
^^ :hug:
NerraKenobi Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!! :)
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