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About Varied / Hobbyist Nina RomanFemale/Australia Group :iconthestrangelystrange: TheStrangelyStrange
Anything Strange, By The Strange
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Quintus Photoshopped :iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 1
When shall we three meet again,
In thunder, lightning or in rain?
Round and round the fairy ring,
Over the edge and back again
When the hurly-burly’s done
When the battle’s lost and won
There won’t be a home for us to come back to
Just ashes and dust
When shall we three meet again
When shall we three be the same
When shall we have something to gain
When shall we have something to blame?
Shadowy kings on puppetry strings
Dance to Hecate’s tune
Don’t look too closely or you might see
The present and future history
How does a man hold three sceptres anyways?
How exactly do you wear two crowns?
Do they stack on top of each other over
And over again until the pile gets so big
That the top teeters over and you get crushed
Under the jewels
How can you stand to look in the mirror
Take a peek through the looking glass
Into the underworld
Into the underland
You’re living it and you don’t even know it
Welcome to h
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 1
Moments ago
The ticking of the clock filled an empty room
With the sound of silence
As the dogs barked in the distance
And reality faded to a background noise
Until all you could hear was time.
Listen to the sound of the storm
As it roars its way quietly around the houses
Careful not to wake the occupants
Somehow doing the opposite of waking
Without borders or boundaries
The wheels rattle against the potholes in the ground
And chips come loose
To float like diamond dust downward
Snow drifts down
Harder than concrete
To land on the earth below
Covering the world in a white blanket
Cold, so cold,
{It sinks to the bone}
Chilling icy winds
Making dead old graveyards sing
There’s no word but ‘cold’
Our lips are blue
An aqua hue
Like the deepest ocean waters
But water only goes so deep
And bus fares only go so cheap
So I’ll stay under my blanket of snow
And dream of summer days
Long since gone
In the hope that one day
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 0
Well, they never tell you,
How the shadows sing.
And they never tell you,
The baggage darkness brings.
These lungs take deep breaths in
But it's like we're underwater
And its only the dark that creeps in...
Well, they never hear you,
When you speak out loud.
And they never hear you,
As you fade into the crowd.
Sometimes our fears
Go deeper than our minds can handle
And the little switch is there
Just out of reach
So you wait for the lights to go out
You wait for the lights to go out
But what happens when the lights go out?
Well, they never see you,
An insect among kings.
And they never see you,
When black night spreads its wings.
These shadows call
From a distant shore
The telephone rings again and again
But take a deep breath in
And don’t let the darkness in
Take a deep breath in
And don’t let the darkness in
Don’t let the darkness in
Even if the lights go out.
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 0
Crosshatch Eyes :iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 0 Quintus in Terran Armour :iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 3
Imperative: Chapter One - Not a Drill
*** Basic overview of the storyline: A biological experiment named Quintus has joined the Terran Fleet, an intergalactic army that is waging a massive war against the Charn, a race of technologically advanced aliens. Quintus struggles to keep her secret and find a place where she can desert and go live a normal life.
The intercom was abruptly silenced in a whir of static and a scream of sparks as the unit exploded.
I stumbled away from the smoking remains of the device, cursing. Staggering down the lurching hallway, I winced at the klaxon alarm bells that resonated throughout the hull of the ship. I tried to tune out the insistant whining as I made my way to the escape pod bay.
I passed numerous starship personnel as they ran down the hallways like frightened rabbits. In a w
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 1 3
Headache, heartache, running on empty, shiver and shake
Watch the water behind you that you’ve already passed
Ripple and flow and crash in your wake
Hurtling backwards at a million miles an hour, don’t know
Who you are or where you’re going, you can only see
Where you have been
Don’t look back now, save the surprise
Don’t let the fire in your eyes die
Pick a leader, pick a side, never let your loyalty slide
Bathe in the cold light of the day
Don’t let them have their way
And when you get to the end, just remember
That you’ve won another war for us
That any shiny medals they give you are just a bonus
That there is no justice, there is just us
No gods here, only men
There are no gods here
Hold on to that soaring feeling
Feeling like a balloon rising to the ceiling
Don’t you remember that instant you recall believing
That you could actually do this?
The white rain is falling
The bright skies are calling
And in a single s
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 1
Leviathur'ahn Backstory
NAME: Leviathur’ahn
ALIASES: Levi, Leviathan
POWERS: water manipulation, freezing, ice manipulation, hand-to-hand combat expert, hard skin, underwater breathing, enhanced underwater combat, psionic invisibility projection, telepathy
ALIGNED WITH: Black Manta, who serves the Light. *Note that Leviathur’ahn doesn’t believe in what the Light is doing; she’d much prefer to kill them all, but she serves Black Manta and Black Manta alone.
BACKGROUND: Levi was born into a group of Lanteans who had broken off from Atlantis and migrated to the deepest parts of the ocean. The years that they had spent so far underwater, so far away from the sun, changed them in ways that the Lanteans never knew about. Their skin turned pale from lack of sunlight, and they developed telepathy to better communicate to each other and other underwater creatures. One day, a traveller from Atlantis came to document their history. Misunderstanding his intentions, the deepdwellers killed him and
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 8
Looking Up
The sands of time shift swiftly while swirling slowly at the exact same time, and for a single moment everything in
The world is great and gold and glittering in the watery light emitted by the pale sun overhead. Thoughts turn into stars that fly down rivers of night, and the snakes at the edges of the astral boat coil and twist like living rope as the
Nautical instruments point to the north, and the horse of light starts to make his own laborious journey again and
Again across the sky.
Can anybody see me, can anybody hear me, or am I just
Another bit of dust in the road that stretches in to the distance
Stargazers stare through telescopes mounted on rooftops
At the top of the world
Differing indifference looks on
The stars don’t know why we look up
Why do we look up
A thousand paper cranes float down sparkling rivers that are made of blue veins that reflect the fractured moonlight.
It sparkles across the crashing ocean, smashing the white iridescence into a thousan
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 1 0
The Sunset Girl
Colours dancing at the poles, millions of people united in the cold to watch the eternal spectacle of ancestral light
A hatchling emerges from the cage that had held it prisoner, and it opens its wide eyes and takes in the sight of
A brave new world where the rainbows after the rain hold the sky in their thrall, where the old oak trees stand tall
And the smiles that people give each other are genuine promises of better beginnings where past mistakes won’t be
Repeated again and again
Do you see the sunset girl? She dances at
The roof of the world
Her head’s a maze and a starlit haze but her thoughts go on
And when the last splash of light fades to grey,
She flies to the stars and waits
For the next day to come.
As the frost melts away under the warm light of the sun, the tigerlily prowls on the pond, opening up its petals to the
Sky and beyond. The ghost of the moon, ever watching from the shadow of the stars, sees the new life that grows
With every passing spring, t
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 2 2
Incorrect Birthdates
Pale faces and pale ashes floating on winds that whistle through the bare trees that once held blossoms new.
Bright in the harsh sunlight, white bone shows through the old footprints that crease the long fallen snow.
Dark rocks litter the ground grey with dust, twisted and melted as if by molten lava bleeding from the Earth’s core.
Such is the legacy of a race who were what they were, did what they wanted, didn’t care, and wanted more.
Stars to sand, sand to stars.
In the ship that hovers above the atmosphere,
The creatures behind the controls say, ‘What sad things happened here?’
Here lies hill after hill
Of long forgotten eulogies preserved on rocks that have
Birth dates carved into them
That I’m pretty sure are wrong
With a few belated flowers left to wilt in the memory of someone long since gone
Mist flowing like liquid through the remains of old towers and long dead powers, the remains of the fires of industry.
Echoes whispering through
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 4 0
She stands at the edge of time, the edge of life, with the stars above and the Road behind
She stands with the embers of the eternal fire in her center, her soul and her mind
And she says under the sky of light that glows in the night, ‘I made a deal, and it is time to deliver.
I have lived and become, and now it is time for me to know what it was I could have been.’
But her true courage remains to be seen.
This is the ancient war that nobody cares enough about to fight for anymore.
This is the old voice that whispers in the ear that nobody listens to, that nobody hears.
This is the end of nothing and the beginning of everything.
This is when the skeletal hand tips over the hourglass, and the sand starts to fall.
She stands at the beginning, watching as the billions of little atoms explode together
To form planets and stars and suns in the eternal darkness that flows like liquid in the void of the universe.
Then the voice starts to speak in a hiss and a curse,
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 3 0
Wolves of the Wild
Sunshine drifts lazily through dark storm clouds that are shot through with white lightning
While that sad old song that nobody listens to anymore plays on repeat on the radio
With sickly sweet lollipops littering the city streets under the bruised skies of a world
Where rainbows dance in the oils that float on top of water that was once a god’s tears
And the box in the corner squawks out lies
Is this what the hunter gatherers dreamed of
When they settled down and tamed the wolves of the wild?
A nine to five world
Where the sun never sets and the men place their bets
On which horse is going to win
While whatever gods there once were lie
Under a crumbling layer of cigarette butts, old magazines, black coal dust and shiny tvs
Dark eyes stare out from their shadowed windows, housed from the light by blinds made of eyelashes
And the many plastic bags that float like airborne jellyfish follow the breath of the wind wherever it may blow
While people chop down trees with s
:iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 4 2
Leviathur-Ahn :iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 6 1 Steinadler (Coloured) :iconnerrakenobi:NerraKenobi 0 0



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Nina Roman
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello :)

All of my art is (c) to me. Please do not reuse, repost or reproduce ANY of my artwork without my express written permission.

:iconsokkawatertribeplz: :reading: :sherlock: :threaten:
Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid,
aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are,
the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.
The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,
but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh?
yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
if you can raed tihs rpsoet it.

Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get! Gdoo lcku!




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